This is my first post.  I would like to dedicate it to my son Marco.  Named for my Mother-In-Law's hometown of San Marco dei Cavotti in Benevento, Italy, Marco will get to grow up experiencing life as a New Yorker (Newyorkese in Italian) and get to spend time with family in Italy.  I am jealous.  Although I grew up a proud Italian-American from New York, I didn't learn about true Italian traditions and cooking until I was 24. Sure I knew how to make a simple tomato sauce at the age of 10, sure I took procuitto and mozzarella sandwiches to school when my Dad made them for me, BUT I wasn't even scratching the surface.  Since meeting my husband and his family 15 years ago, I have become obsessed with true Italian culture.  I love everything about Italy, but I also love my hometown of New York City.  This blog will be about my life here in NYC, about food, about family and most of all about my passion for all of those things.  You may also hear me mention my idols:  Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and her son Joe.  I love all that they do and am thankful that they have been able to show America authentic Italian cooking and culture. Enjoy!