For over 10 years I have been in love with this unique and delicious pizza from Otto Enoteca Pizzeria. As you probably already know, this is Mario Batali's very popular and always packed pizza restaurant located on 8th Street right off of 5th Avenue.   I order it almost every time we eat there or get delivery (they deliver!).  Tonight was no different.  It was amazing as usual, a rich combination of taleggio cheese (soft, pungent Italian cheese) and earthy mushrooms topped with fresh parsley.  

To complement my pizza, we ordered our other favorite dishes:  Romane and Red Onion Salad, a few different Vedure and a selection of cheeses.  But, the best part of the meal was the bottle of Lambrusco that came complements of Chef Mario Batali!  It was a wonderful gesture and a very good bottle of Lambrusco.  It might be my new favorite.......Concerto from Medici Ermete

Thanks again Chef!