One of the go to snacks in our house are taralli.  Hailing from Puglia, they were first introduced to me in Naples by our cousin Laura over 10 years ago.  I was addicted at first bite and I think I ate a whole bag!  I couldn't believe the flavor that could come from such a plain looking bread product.  When my son was old enough to eat crunchy food, we introduced taralli to him right away.  They have become the snack he requests most often, although he did not like it when I tried to slip in the fennel flavored ones to his school snack.  Taralli come in many variations. There are savory flavors like fennel, peperoncino and black pepper. You can also find sweet taralli glazed with sugar and often flavored with lemon (we are talking about Southern Italy so makes sense!)  We use the savory ones as part of our go to cheese plate adornments and they are also great dunked in wine.  You can find them at any Italian  special shop from Eataly to Di Palo's in NYC.  A bag usually costs around $3.50, a pretty inexpensive treat that will add a little piece of Puglia to your day.  On my list is to make them from scratch, so stay tuned to see how my homemade taralli come out!