I just have to share this one with all of you.  Sorry North Fork friends, but I have to tell the world about how amazing Aldo's coffee is.  Aldo is one of the most unique yet classic coffee shops you will ever go to.  The owner, Sicilian born Aldo Maiorana, is also quite unique.  Donning a full head of white hair, he resembles an Italian Albert Einstein.  He can be spotted most days hanging out in his shop, talking with customers and enjoying his house roasted coffee.

Aldo has been in Greenport village since 1987, long before it became cool.  Today he has created a unique foodie spot, one of the cornerstones of the local food scene in the North Fork. 

The minute you walk into the shop, you are hit with the wonderful aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans.  Aldo roasts his beans in an old-school roaster that sits in the front window of the shop. His menu is pure and simple, no Frappuccinos here.  The menu, pictured above, is written plain and simple on a chalkboard over the bar.  Most of the drinks he serves are what you would find in at an espresso bar in Italy, espresso, doppio espresso, cappuccino and house roasted american coffee.  The beans are for sale in the shop and online.  Check out his website below.


Aldo has some interesting YouTube videos, check them out to discover this great artisan who's passion for coffee shows in his wonderful product.


Grazie Aldo!


A bag of Aldo's house roasted beans